Why Should You Pick Out a True Love Waits Ring?

So, you’re thinking about purchasing your very own true love waits ring…or perhaps someone brought it up and you aren’t too sure why precisely you should buy your very own ring… But, there are loads of great reasons. And, they all can be explained right here! So, sit down, and read on to find out why you should buy one of these rings!

Keep It Simple

Sexual relations complicate a relationship—there’s no doubt about that. It also changes you slightly as a person. Not in a horrible way, but some people might notice a slight difference. Either way, it changes a person and this is something that you need to keep in mind while you’re deciding whether or not to do it. Keep in mind that it can change your entire relationship—especially if you weren’t ready. So, make sure that you really think it over…or just make the commitment to wait until you’re married or ready to have those relations. The ring is there to help you remember your promise—not to your parents or to your religion, but to yourself!

It Keeps You Healthier

When you decide to buy a true love waits ring, then you can stop worrying about feeling pressured. With this ring, you can easily remember what you’re abstaining from and remember your commitment. Let’s face it—you’ll be less stressed, to start with. You’ll also find it way easier to stay healthy in other ways—so, make sure that you make the commitment!


The Power Of The True Love Waits Ring

When you are in a relationship a very nice item to give or exchange is a true love waits ring. A true love waits ring is a ring that may have true love waits inscribed on it. It may have an open heart with the initials T.L.W. within it so that your and your partner know that it is important to wait until you are married before you engage in sex. It is a powerful symbol of your belief in the power of true love and the symbol of true love waits.

Exchanging True Love Waits Rings

A true love waits ring that is exchanged between a couple is not an engagement ring nor is it a promise to get married but it is a ring that you would wear if you are committed to being sexually pure on your wedding night. A true love waits ring lets other people know that you are not willing to engage in quick sex but you are waiting for the right person at the right time. Wearing this type of ring doesn’t mean you are a prude or cold or unfeeling. It just says that you are not going to get involved in one night affairs and that you prefer to give yourself to the right person at the right time on your wedding night.

Do You Return The Ring If You Break Up?

When someone gives you a true love waits ring other than your parents or loved ones then if you are no longer a couple they may ask for it back. However a true love waits ring is kind of all occasion and it can be worn even if you are not in a relationship. For example your mother or bigger sister or even a grandmother may give you one because they care about you.