Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry And Biblical Quotes

When you are wearing sterling silver Christian jewelry you are in concert with other people who choose to pronounce their faith and belief in God and his Church in a visible way. You are letting others know you have faith and believe in your faith and your god without saying the words much as early Christians were forced to do because to speak those words surely meant persecution and perhaps death. It shows a very strong faith along with hope and love.

Jewelry Engravings

Psalm 51:10 has a lovely faith based quote which is ‘Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.’ This is one of the powerful biblical quotes you might choose to have engraved on a piece of sterling silver Christian jewelry. It is a simple enough statement which also lets anyone reading it understand how strong your faith is. That is what wearing Christian related jewelry also does every day that you wear it. There is no need for anyone to doubt your belief when you wear something very personal to you.

Different Types Of Christian Jewelry

Sterling silver Christian jewelry comes in many different forms and shapes. You can find earrings that may have a part of a biblical quote engraved in them with just a few words. Or perhaps you can find a pendent that has some form of quote that states your belief in god and family and your church. They are powerful pieces of jewelry you can wear every day.


Christian Purity Rings Show Your Belief In God

Christian purity rings are worn because the person wearing one has a strong belief in God and the bible. These rings are all about purity and that the bible teaches Christians to live their lives with a pure heart. This includes staying true to sexual immorality which means that the person believes that engaging in sex before marriage is against the belief of god and what the bible teaches them.

Some Biblical Saying Examples

There are a number of sayings that are quotes from the Bible which are related to purity and remaining pure in all matters. One of these can be engraved on your ring. The quote may be engraved in the inside of the ring or on the outside. If engraved on the inside of the ring the outside may have a Christian symbol on it like the fish or a cross or one of the other symbols related to Christianity. An example of a portion of a biblical quote on purity to have engraved one of the Christian purity rings is from Corinthians 6:18 ‘Flee from sexual immorality.

Keeping The Pure Faith

Some of the bible verses relate to sexual purity others relate to living godly lives or refer to pure hearts. You don’t have to copy an entire verse to have engraved in Christian purity rings but you can take a portion of a biblical verse that refers to you and your life and what you want to remain and keep pure faith with which also means encouragement.