Sterling Silver Christian Jewelry Comes In Many Forms

When you are thinking about giving a present to a good friend then you should consider one of the forms of sterling silver Christian jewelry. You can find many different forms of this type of faith based jewelry like sterling silver Christian jewelry.

One of the early forms of Christian jewelry is the fish or the letters IXOYE. This form of Christian design goes back to the 1st or 2nd century when Christians were being persecuted for their faith. So they took to wearing the form of the fish or with the letters IXOYE which is a Greek acronym for Jesus Christ, Son of God Savior as a non-verbal method of letting other Christians recognize each other. 

Other Forms Of Christian Jewelry

There are many different types of sterling silver Christian jewelry such as a descending dove which can be on a pendent or a ring or even earrings. You can choose a more modern depiction like an art deco cross shape. Or you can go for the traditional forms of sterling silver Christian jewelry such as a stepped cross which is a cross on a base of three steps which each of the three steps representing the mound of Calvary for faith, hope and love. Of course you can choose various forms with bible quotes written on them too.

Wearing Christian Jewelry

When you are wearing sterling silver Christian jewelry you are joining many others who choose to pronounce their belief and faith in God and the Church in a visible way. This is one what to let others know you have faith and believe without words just as the early Christians had to do. It shows a profound faith along with hope and love. No matter what form of sterling silver Christian jewelry you wear, let others know your strength of belief.


True Love Waits

No matter what you may have heard, if you and your partner share true love then it is a fact that true love waits for any obstacle or delay. If you are a teen and are impatient as so many teens are you have to put your faith in the belief that true love waits for you. This is all tied up with the belief that you don’t have to engage in early casual sex in order to have true love. For meaningful sex and true love you should resist any sexual advances before you are married. Then you and your husband can share that ultimate glory of loving sex.

Abstinence And True Love

There is only one true method of insuring you won’t get pregnant and that one method is practicing abstinence. If you are looking for true love it will not be with the first person you have casual sex with and knowing true love waits makes the wait so much sweeter. If your love doesn’t want to wait then you need to look so someone who will wait because true love waits until after the wedding ceremony is completed. Just think what you will have to look forward to if you do indeed wait for the time so you are sexually pure.

The True Love Waits Jewelry

There are different forms of true love waits jewelry you can purchase if you have a potential mate. You can exchange rings or perhaps a key chain for him with true love waits engraved on it. Or if you have a group of girlfriends who are all interested in waiting until you are married then all of you can get together and make a commitment to each other then celebrate that commitment with each other by buying a love waits piece of jewelry for each of you.